Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been working on the larger painting and have put it aside due to feeling overwhelmed. Then I started a 25cm square piece... and that also had it's drama so I put that aside. Then I tried a 6x8in with a tried and true still life and it came out so...Carol Marine. It came out so CM that I'm not going to post it! I'm not teasing you!!! I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to pass off her stuff as mine! I'm not going there she's to inspiring and amazing and real.

So then...I started (again maybe too big and bold and eager) a larger painting (I have no idea the size...maybe 8x10in??) with a green on green idea...oh it's too funny. I was basically painting in the dark and getting very cross eyed before I gave up and remembered why I don't paint in the evenings. I don't yet have good lighting. are asking about the boxing match...well. Good News...we finally found our farm for rent. We are sooo very excited. I've already got about 18-20boxes packed, inventoried and labled. Now I have about 130 more to go. Plus all the other stuff. So you might not see many paintings here till ...September/October?? I might try again a little 6x8 baby just cause I'm so inspired by other moving artists who've managed to keep painting during the process. Perhaps I'm crazy? Packing myself with my four small kids/homeschooling, keeping up the kids classes, no babysitter, and still manage to paint....gosh...I think I might be crazy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hardly Finished

I am working on a larger's about 43cmx41cm. It's taking a bit of time as I departed from my original still life colours. So...while you wait I thought it would be funny to share with you a peek into my "studio space". Yes those are packing boxes. My space is in the room I store all our boxes in. We moved into the house with short term plans but we have been here for about 18months now! I continue to keep things in boxes with the expectation that we will be moving soon. It's a long story...not worth telling.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!