Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Izarah

My baby girl is two years old today! She has been a surprise from the beginning and she continues to be a surprise! We had her party last weekend because Daddy, Ouma & Oupa were going to be away for her birthday

It's the last week with my partner away. Having the children to myself has been a joy and a West Coast Swing with music nearly too fast to keep up with. The babysitter came Friday and had to leave after an hour for a personal emergency.

I had already started in trying to make my eggs on silk look more like what I want them too. My children were going to watch me paint while they had lunch. I took all the paint off when the sitter went.

I've had some amazing finds such as Abbey Ryan and Daily Paintworks. They inspired me again to pursue my inkling that there is artistic talent hiding in these untrained tools of mine. Deltra and Christie's encouragement was also fuel for the creative fires that are dwindling with my energy reserves.

I took the children to the beach this beautiful afternoon, (mostly to escape the messy house!), and I was filled with such inspiration. (I tried to download a pic of our lagoon but ... the camera kept it for it's self!) I found two beautiful bugs and some amazing shells. I pocketed the items and I'm hoping to get an idea's box together. Fruit n Veg is just to fragile for me to try and paint at the moment. Nuts...I could use nuts and Now I haven't seen that yet! hahaha. Health food...muesli...hmmm. Take the ideas...I don't mind. I've got lots and lots! ...hmmm payments accepted for ideas??? Just kidding...I'll go to e-bay. No. Sorry I'm in a silly place.

Going to paint tomorrow. Have decided I really need to get some small boards primed and also some smaller brushes!

Happy Painting... I will be tormorrow. There's always tomorrow....lalalala

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A balanced perspective

The above painting is a WORK IN PROGRESS. It feels like it might be a perpetual one. As a new painter I know it will take me LONGER than an professional artist and I know I should be patient. So the old 4X4 driving instructions of : As fast as possible as slow as necessary. - seems appropriate. I spent a majority of the time stressing that I was going to run out of time before the children returned. I spent the other bit of time trying to figure out how, if possible, to make this a "painterly" picture instead of the sad tight things I've made before. So it became one of those times where nothing was working.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit and leave a note.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hang On...Hold On...HELP!!!! is coming! was tough. It's the second day into my husbands 14 day trip overseas. My three year old boy is feeling it heavily. My two year old girl has a tummy bug. My two older boys (7 and 5) are coming back from grandma's house tomorrow and they are not excited about it.

On the absolute dreamy side of life...I get to paint tomorrow!!! AND I might well get to do it again on Friday. I have made a definite painting date for Monday. I really can't manage without a painting session once a week at least.

I've toyed with the idea of posting some of my first paintings. The more I think of it the more certain I am this is a BAD idea. They are so sad and flat and tight. I just want to repaint them and make the happy to be on the canvas!

There will be a painting here soon I must just be patient. Thank you for being patient with me. Thanks for the visit.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Exciting Starts

I am jumping with excitement!!! I feel like a sesame seed on a hot frying pan. I am beginning this spring on a journey of commitment to my art. I want to produce a painting a week. I have heard of the daily paintings however this is far to much for me with my four children and starting homeschooling and all the other responsibilities of being human in a modern world.

I love art, painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, any and everything to do with expressing of self and ideas and colour and....LIFE!! What an exciting time we are living in that we have such freedom.

I am currently working on my first "weekly" painting. It's a still life of three eggs on a plate with a luminous blue scarf. I love the light shining through everything. The intimacy and warmth. I love how when I'm painting it I get confused and the folds become like mountains or waves... I must work from a picture at this point as I paint very slowly and I can't leave something set up. I work in our dining room so I have to clean up after every session. A small mission for the joy of painting!