Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is my self portrait in progress - STILL.  I'm currently under debate to put it on canvass (yes...start over).  I actually like the high colour of my most recent paint over...I just ....am thinking.

Please excuse the furry edges!  this is also an in progress from yonkes ago.  I love it, I hate it.  Those white bits are me with a plan to glaze so I have a red cloth and not so orange with highlights.  This is more likely to get finished by the end of the month.  If I'm not too distracted by .....

This is my current challenge.  A boy from Africa - I'm working to get his face oh so real and then have all else rough.  My dear husband as already organized a showing of this picture at a local restaurant that assist local Town Ship school children in paying school fees and providing uniforms and sports and school supplies.  The place is imibala. They also provide "art training" for the children and have a Gallery across from the restaurant to showcase art works.

Okay...I know you think I'm nuts but I have uploaded this photo properly and for some reason Blogger has turned it sideways.  I've reloaded it etc etc and it always comes this way.  So...I've put it up because I'm very happy with the top and middle 30second sketches.  I'm impressed at how far I've come -just about a week ago I was making lines attached to circles...now I have form.  Thank you Posemaniacs.com .  A very useful site for someone like me.  I literally have only a few odd minutes here and there to practice figure poses and I would cheat horribly if allowed.  This site has a preset space that automatically changes the pose every 30sec (or what you've chosen to be your time frame).  I could go on and on about this site but it will suite the folks it suites.

So this is where I sit with my art instructor on holiday, sports for the children starts tomorrow, my husband away for a few more days...  And I'm still painting!!!  Yipee!  I've got two other projects in the works - both with children.  You can see those when they are in the painting stages!!!