Friday, March 27, 2009

Continued Delays

It continues to be a time of great movement and changes in our house. My husband has been interviewed for a parenting magazine and this week in the middle of his raging cold/flu we did photo's at the beach and in the surf. Also we had a overseas business guest stay with us on the same day. Whoopee don't we have fun. Needless to say I sometimes think my husband gets more rest at work than at home. He was home most of the week and the two day's I can paint were eaten away.

I have continued my research and I've continued to find amazing and inspiring information. Here are the links:
Women Painting Women this is a new site and every time I explore it I utterly moved to tears at so many different levels. I have taken the opportunity to explore these artists further as well.

In my continued search for improving my colours for my self portrait I've discovered some interesting items on this site : All the Strange Hours · Making and Thinking About Visual Art

I've got a lot to say as I've been pondering a good deal - as usual - however at this point I'm not certain that words are the appropriate expression at this point. Perhaps painting is. I may have time if I hurry! Here is another site...with some similarities to my heart... Anne Ordinary Day

Alrighty for a try!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well...after all that enthusiasm my oils were just too dark or not opaque enough or both! I kept trying to make it work and my colour scheme is just not exciting me the way I envisioned. After at least 6 hours work - I've taken it all off and I'm starting again!

Maybe I will start some life drawings just to get my eye hand coordination improved. Something about the painting kept leaving my leg so fat and square looking. I was obviously not "getting my eye in".

I found this amazing page through another site...darned if I can remember the name of the site...I think it was: Art Studio Secrets - Art instruction and demonstrations - the amazing page was: Color Scheme Designer 3.

Our computer is still eating poison from somewhere and isn't working as it should. We are taking it in for an overhaul...soonish. So I might disappear - but I'll BE BACK!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm am so excited...I was really nervous about doing this self portrait and then...I did it big in Acrylics. WOW!! I love doing an underpainting. I feel I have such freedom to explore and mess and fool about! It was nerve wracking trying to get the sketch down and "right". I always feel that's a week spot. Then I decided to do dark colours for the underpainting so I could REALLY fool around with the oils on top tomorrow. The nipples aren't correct...I know. I will make it right tomorrow. I've ran out of time and was starting to get really careless.

My art teacher said to me last time she wants me to really let loose and do some wild brush strokes - which was just where I was heading anyway! This painting is's um...about 60x90cm (that's roughly 2'x3'). I've got this giant trepidation that she's going to refuse me to paint this in class because of the subject. I'm not worried though. I'm feeling that the time for the class is truly coming to an end as it seems so is our time in Pringle Bay.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fiddling About & bad photo's

Ah yes..well. Breathe. mmmmhhhaaa. YES. My children are woggling about me while I try to type and I'm trying to remain in love and joy as they pull my hair and play a game about me in an effort to let me finish my computer time.

Here is another pic of You Can't See Me. I did decide to fiddle with it but I am unable to get a nice photo of it. I've also included a little detail pic of my favorite part!

I also have done a sketch for my self portrait and furthered it with watercolours while the children explored my brushes and pushed my parameters... BUT... I'm very shy about it for some reason and absolutely unable to objectively determine anything about it! From basic composition to colours etc. I've sent it off to loving friends and select family for input.

Thanks so much for the visit! Comments are most welcome...

Friday, March 6, 2009

You can't really see me...

I keep thinking I'm done with this one but then I see something I'd really like to "make" better. Knowing how it is to leave well enough alone.... I've left her so long....for now. I'm very happy with the overall aspects of the pic. There were some very special accidents that I think led to a strong feeling of depth in some parts.

Sorry for the absence...I've been in a real twirl.

"Can't see me" is 25cm square. The colours are a bit stronger than they came out here. I'm not sure the reason.

Hopefully there will be a self portrait next!