Thursday, February 25, 2016

Loads of changes, new beginnings and the party never ends....

I have no idea where to start.  I've moved three times at least since the last posting.  Life had change exponentially and now I'm focused on pottery and ceramics.  I still have my manuscripts and paints etc but I simply don't have brain space for these things on a daily basis -

Somehow pottery affords me head space.  We knew?  So here I sit prepping for a firing.  I've learned a bit from some local pottery classes, learned extensively from research  on the net and at the library and after three years- my throwing is acceptable.  Experiments abound - my latest run is about 28 cups being used for throwing/finish practice - extended into glaze tests and glazing practice.

Recently I found a potters group on Periscope and I'm very excited.  I've been searching for a potters community with live people.  I'm on several online groups but you don't see them or hear their voices.  Mostly you don't get too chat - not that periscope is fantastic for this but I'm getting there.

I tried to upload the photos for the new firing but alas - I'm too rusty on blog-ville.

Come join me on Twitter and periscope.#pottersofperiscope. Or FB  I'm not the best social media princess - it's all a learning curve....every moment