Friday, December 4, 2009

Growings Pains

I should be painting two to three times a week. I know. I should...paint daily. I know. I shouldn't should all over myself - but there you go. What I am doing is planting and harvesting. I've got my garden going full blast and the fuller it get's the more amazing it is. I'm also getting the children involved (part of homeschooling) and that's been an extra-ordinary journey in the meaing of LOVE, Patience. Acceptance. Surrender. The other fabulous part of the children being involved is that they are even more readily eating "new" veggies. Dragon tongue bush beans from the shop would be snubbed but from our garden...they chow it down.

I'm working on getting them to have a daily tea from the herbs. I've got so many...Lemon Balm, basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, cilantro...I could go on. I also spoiled myself with the African Daisys to border our driveway.
Yeah...okay about painting. I got my birthday present.... My Father-in-law built me a beautiful shadow box frame. I finally had took the time to use it last weekend when my dear hubby took the children out for the day to his parents. It was so wonderful to use. I actually wanted to paint another painting but I was worried everyone would return before I got finished so I finished in the garden instead. Little did I know that they would still be HOURS returning! Bummer.

I've also been horribly distracted by food. I've gone vegetarian again...not strict more out of a lack of interest in meat than any other issues. I've found amazing recipes and food stuffs. I have even (after a very hectic experience) am able to eat nuts again! Very exciting as I LOVE nuts. I won't bore you with further discussions regarding food growing or eating.

I painted two the shadow box. I really loved my composition - the negative space between the pears was the draw for me. Unfortunately I chose the wrong colour back ground to accentuate my focal point. I'm going to have to make a do-over. Perhaps week. Maybe this weekend? Given we are only expecting 5 guests! hahaha!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making Connections

Finally connected to the internet again! Yipee!
The little green one is titled "Bump in the Line". They are both 6x8". I wish I could figure out how to get the lay out I want... I suppose it will come with more computer time!This little beauty is titled "Does this bowl make my bum look round?"

I'd love to hear your comments! Been missing you!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lost and Found

Well we've managed to move with what seems everthing intact - including our minds, or at least most of our minds, thanks to my inventory list!

I did my first painting in the new house today! A little 6"x8" of a bowl cup with oranges. Sadly I've misplaced my camera after taking pics of my boys with their new very short hair cuts.

On the happy side (as if I could be happier than getting to paint and finish a painting), we have started our garden and we've got 7 newly hatched chicks since moving into our little farm. We don't have a phone line yet which makes internet connection very challenging. Out phone company can't find our phone poles. (???)

So...I might not be back soon but I will...


Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been working on the larger painting and have put it aside due to feeling overwhelmed. Then I started a 25cm square piece... and that also had it's drama so I put that aside. Then I tried a 6x8in with a tried and true still life and it came out so...Carol Marine. It came out so CM that I'm not going to post it! I'm not teasing you!!! I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to pass off her stuff as mine! I'm not going there she's to inspiring and amazing and real.

So then...I started (again maybe too big and bold and eager) a larger painting (I have no idea the size...maybe 8x10in??) with a green on green idea...oh it's too funny. I was basically painting in the dark and getting very cross eyed before I gave up and remembered why I don't paint in the evenings. I don't yet have good lighting. are asking about the boxing match...well. Good News...we finally found our farm for rent. We are sooo very excited. I've already got about 18-20boxes packed, inventoried and labled. Now I have about 130 more to go. Plus all the other stuff. So you might not see many paintings here till ...September/October?? I might try again a little 6x8 baby just cause I'm so inspired by other moving artists who've managed to keep painting during the process. Perhaps I'm crazy? Packing myself with my four small kids/homeschooling, keeping up the kids classes, no babysitter, and still manage to paint....gosh...I think I might be crazy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hardly Finished

I am working on a larger's about 43cmx41cm. It's taking a bit of time as I departed from my original still life colours. So...while you wait I thought it would be funny to share with you a peek into my "studio space". Yes those are packing boxes. My space is in the room I store all our boxes in. We moved into the house with short term plans but we have been here for about 18months now! I continue to keep things in boxes with the expectation that we will be moving soon. It's a long story...not worth telling.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out of this World!

"Round Pegs and Square Holes" (25cm square? I'll double check! Tomorrow. It's very late.)

What do you think of that for a title? Any other suggestions? Maybe... Bombs away? I really loved this painting. It was my own composition and I had to work out fabric folds as well. Then came the challenge of making the counter top look "real" and then there was a huge challenge because I needed the real surface and yet I wanted the "painterly" feel... Ah...what a great time I had working it all out. I'm sad to say the reason I haven't posted till now was due to a battle I've been having with light. I must have taken ten pictures of these two paintings in a myriad of light/settings etc etc. And still I have that spray of glare. Alas alack these were the best and I thought you might be tired of waiting.

....Titles??? Suggestions? I'm listening???

This is a picture of a favorite summer swimming spot on the Palmiet River. The sun and the water and all was so wonderful that day. I took loads of pics. This is a small study (6x12in) I am hoping to make it in a 12X24in ...soonish. Ah... OH... NEWS FLASH.... I am taking these two paintings plus my 6X8in apples to a gallery tomorrow. They seemed very keen at the informal first venture. AND I've sold three paintings as well! No they aren't posted on the site...I will get them here. I will attempt to make it tomorrw as it is my dedicated Painting Day. Things are hectic at the moment and my hubby is away...only returning late tomorrow. I will do my very best.

Please don't be shy now! I love to know what you are thinking.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am still here. Often the family needs are the greatest... so there was that and then there is my art class being canceled AND my camera malfunctioned again. The family needs are calming (slightly), the art classes are resumed - I've realized I've got to keep going if only to be able to paint once a week. I just don't have the space at home to make it yet. My camera is going to be replaced and upgraded to a new one. Let's hope this one works!

So...maybe you can see my newest painting week??? Or today??? I'm waiting for the camera to arrive.

We are going away the weekend and Tuesday is a holiday (I need to find out what Holiday it is!). Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Small Fry

This is a painting exercise for my art class. I wanted to do it because I've always wanted to paint fish but I always get so nervous about it. It's a painting of a painting...Those bother me. I don't learn as much as I feel I could if I had the real thing sitting in front of me challenging me to decide the colors. What I did try to manage in making it my own was to re-frame it and focus on my version of it's focus.

I've got a great picture I took down at the river this summer...have a fabulous idea for this...I'm hoping to work it out soon.

PS...just realized I haven't signed it! I'll sign it and repost this.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Basking in the Glow

Here as promised here's my 6X8" baby... I wiped the bowl of pears in the exact center of the picture!

I am pleased with this first attempt and particularly the reflections. I'm also very pleased...well actually that I finished it!!

The photo is the best I could get from my light/time.

Any comments?

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Journey of a thousand steps...

Well...I'm in a very reflective mood again but what I want to impart is something MORE. My goal is always MORE...there is always more there is great ABUNDANCE to be had - always. I find lots of people are more comfortable in a box or with limits...I'm not. Direction is good...limit is ...limiting. Boundaries are also good...limits are different but similar. It's a long let's go to the point!

FIRST...THANK YOU so much Susan(her blog Painting Daily is a huge inspiration to me)...I am so very honored and humbled by your Lemonade Award. Funny I was considering painting Lemons last week! As with you this may take me a few days to respond to properly and I would very much like to do my best to attain that goal! Thank you so much again.

SECOND...This is officially the last month I am going to pursue painting in my art class. It's the second painting I've come home so frustrated about that I just wiped the whole mess. I felt so...disappointed with my ability to verbalize my idea and cowing to the beliefs of my teacher who's favorite sentence when asked WHY for the umpteeth time is "Because that's what I told you." Now...I must make the point that I have said this ONCE in my parenting journey and I loathed the experience so having my teacher do this to me is very unnerving. I changed the entire direction of my painting based on those words of hers and I hated it. I told my self it's fine because the goal is to paint small and to paint something more loose and "quick" like a daily painter. The goal was to finish it in my 2 hour class. must be kidding. BUT...I will continue for the rest of this month to make a point to myself. I can disagree and still be agreeable because the other person is responsible for their response??? How does that sound? I must be authentic to me...that's the long and the short. I must paint for me.

THIRD...The posted picture is my elder two boys being absolutely silly (in case you missed that!) the night before their Daddy was to return home. He's leaving again after two days home. We are hoping to have him for the coming weekend. So...when Susan says I'm a busy Mom...well...sorta.... I'm a looney Mom. I'm trying to paint/draw daily (I'm managing once a week at present...but at least that's something!), mange being a unwife/unmother/unhomemaker and knit. I'm homeschooling...this is SO great check out SelfDesign Global .We do a sort of enthusiasm led learning. I'd list all the other things I squish into my time but...those are my focus points (I think..;).

So those are the big points. Thanks, Be Authentic to self, and Be Silly!

I'll post a picture (good, bad or ....let me see....let me be realistic...uh...WHY?) ok... Tuesday evening: 12 May 2009

How are you doing with your life goals??

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wow...didn't think this tiny pic would down load...but here she is. Is it boring? Please let me know. This is my play on white on white...I know...the stamens and background aren't...I know. That's the whole play! See?

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Here!!!

Ah exciting underpainting. I'm working on the colour now...I've made some changes (wish I'd done them in Acrylic!!) But I'm impatient too...

I'm trying to do a white on white but I think it's getting a bit too colourful. We will see tomorrow. I will try and finish it tomorrow.

Hubby was sick...then me...then Mother's Day..blah blah. It goes and goes. Grab and ride it hey?

Our Photo shoot seems to have given beautiful photo's. I will try to share one...think the file might be too big. I'm not techy so I have no idea how to make stuff smaller either!

Hope you all had a great Easter. Please remember to plan for Mother's Day!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Continued Delays

It continues to be a time of great movement and changes in our house. My husband has been interviewed for a parenting magazine and this week in the middle of his raging cold/flu we did photo's at the beach and in the surf. Also we had a overseas business guest stay with us on the same day. Whoopee don't we have fun. Needless to say I sometimes think my husband gets more rest at work than at home. He was home most of the week and the two day's I can paint were eaten away.

I have continued my research and I've continued to find amazing and inspiring information. Here are the links:
Women Painting Women this is a new site and every time I explore it I utterly moved to tears at so many different levels. I have taken the opportunity to explore these artists further as well.

In my continued search for improving my colours for my self portrait I've discovered some interesting items on this site : All the Strange Hours · Making and Thinking About Visual Art

I've got a lot to say as I've been pondering a good deal - as usual - however at this point I'm not certain that words are the appropriate expression at this point. Perhaps painting is. I may have time if I hurry! Here is another site...with some similarities to my heart... Anne Ordinary Day

Alrighty for a try!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well...after all that enthusiasm my oils were just too dark or not opaque enough or both! I kept trying to make it work and my colour scheme is just not exciting me the way I envisioned. After at least 6 hours work - I've taken it all off and I'm starting again!

Maybe I will start some life drawings just to get my eye hand coordination improved. Something about the painting kept leaving my leg so fat and square looking. I was obviously not "getting my eye in".

I found this amazing page through another site...darned if I can remember the name of the site...I think it was: Art Studio Secrets - Art instruction and demonstrations - the amazing page was: Color Scheme Designer 3.

Our computer is still eating poison from somewhere and isn't working as it should. We are taking it in for an overhaul...soonish. So I might disappear - but I'll BE BACK!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm am so excited...I was really nervous about doing this self portrait and then...I did it big in Acrylics. WOW!! I love doing an underpainting. I feel I have such freedom to explore and mess and fool about! It was nerve wracking trying to get the sketch down and "right". I always feel that's a week spot. Then I decided to do dark colours for the underpainting so I could REALLY fool around with the oils on top tomorrow. The nipples aren't correct...I know. I will make it right tomorrow. I've ran out of time and was starting to get really careless.

My art teacher said to me last time she wants me to really let loose and do some wild brush strokes - which was just where I was heading anyway! This painting is's um...about 60x90cm (that's roughly 2'x3'). I've got this giant trepidation that she's going to refuse me to paint this in class because of the subject. I'm not worried though. I'm feeling that the time for the class is truly coming to an end as it seems so is our time in Pringle Bay.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fiddling About & bad photo's

Ah yes..well. Breathe. mmmmhhhaaa. YES. My children are woggling about me while I try to type and I'm trying to remain in love and joy as they pull my hair and play a game about me in an effort to let me finish my computer time.

Here is another pic of You Can't See Me. I did decide to fiddle with it but I am unable to get a nice photo of it. I've also included a little detail pic of my favorite part!

I also have done a sketch for my self portrait and furthered it with watercolours while the children explored my brushes and pushed my parameters... BUT... I'm very shy about it for some reason and absolutely unable to objectively determine anything about it! From basic composition to colours etc. I've sent it off to loving friends and select family for input.

Thanks so much for the visit! Comments are most welcome...

Friday, March 6, 2009

You can't really see me...

I keep thinking I'm done with this one but then I see something I'd really like to "make" better. Knowing how it is to leave well enough alone.... I've left her so long....for now. I'm very happy with the overall aspects of the pic. There were some very special accidents that I think led to a strong feeling of depth in some parts.

Sorry for the absence...I've been in a real twirl.

"Can't see me" is 25cm square. The colours are a bit stronger than they came out here. I'm not sure the reason.

Hopefully there will be a self portrait next!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

You see...last night in a mad frantic rush, (I did plan to plan ahead but it didn't happen), I realized I was going to be empty handed and sad on Valentine's morning. So I did what every good mom does...I managed. I made four little cards for my four little darlings each just a bit different from the other and each with a special unique message for each of my four angels. I am so impressed at how it all turned out. This morning I grandly and extravagantly delivered each valentines to each child, (and one for my fabulous hubby too Of course). At the end of the day I ask the children what is their favorite part of the day just ended. Aurion said many expected things and then he said in a very shy voice - "but my most favorite favorite thing today was my valentines and cuddling and laughing with Mommy after I got it." he finished in a whisper. I'm still crying! He's my little artist child. This is each of the fronts of the cards...the very top is the backs of the cards.

Now...this sad little thing here ...yes well. I know it will end better than it looks now and for an under painting it's not so bad but...I was hoping for more. Then of all things my art teacher went and shoved yellow paint on my black tire swing. I nearly hyperventilated till I remembered that I can...and just might...paint over it. Extra dark. Just because I can. But I have to admit that she might be correct. momma says that's a little bug on a chicken's butt. hmmm.

Happy Painting.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The One's that Got Away

The other day when the baboons forced the boys to lay down their booty and make a run for home, the neighbor tried to shoo the baboons from the food. There were some spicy bread buns and some pears. We couldn't save the buns but we did save two of the pears. They were beautiful with long expressive stems and a sharp stroke of red against the bright unripe green.

I was just going to take some snaps of them in the early morning light (now mid morning) and have found, sadly, that they have disappeared. I was really looking forward to trying a Carol Marine style and title! Ah much for procrastination! It's not a luxury with children around.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

These little guys on the left are from a children's book called Jack Frost by David Melling (I hope spelled his name correctly) They were so very adorable throughout the story that I couldn't resist trying a few myself. They were great fun and considering I did it so long ago and it was one of my few attempts that ended in success (meaning I was happy with the end result) I thought I would share my flash back with you! I still smile when I pull these little snow bugs out.

My sis-in-law has written a beautiful/fun children's book poem in rhyme and I am wondering if I can pull of illustrating it for her. I'd be ever so pleased!

These little dudes, (right) are tumbling gnomes.
They came in a kit we were given by friends who
came a visitin'. We put them together and I don't think I've ever seen a child so thrilled with a new toy! I made the two younger children's gnomes as they are a bit too young. The older boys helped sew theirs!

The local baboon troop arrived today in force. Seems the veld (wild flora n fauna) is yielding something worth eating. They checked out our swimming pool and had a drink from the splashing pool. When I thought they were gone I sent the boys to take fruit and bread to our neighbors. They came back in a rush. Seems the baboons were still hanging about. The children listen well. they dropped their parcels and hot-footed it home! No one was hurt. I wish I could show a picture there were so many little baboons about!

I've still managed to get some painting done on the girl in the swing - finished Izarah's painting. It doesn't look that much different from the posted pic.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok...It's not finished

For Cassie - who is dying to see this finished... I've just checked it again and I see a few little mistakes I need to correct (one on the bottom side of the painting - it's IMPORTANT!) - it's the details that make a painting. more day! I'm going to try to post a picture from my cell phone just to see how it looks - and because I don't want to be a tease! I really like how the "halo" around her body came out and Milly Jones' help about my horizontal lines I think have really made a big difference in the strength of this piece. It's got glare on it - so please excuse the fuzzyness. It is a cell phone camera!

Maybe it's just because I'm only beginning and feeling confident enough to attempt to paint things I feel are beautiful but I must say I don't understand how painters say they don't know what to paint! I've got so many ideas I can't paint fast enough!

Your input is deeply appreciated so please leave a comment! I've enjoyed painting this picture as it has given me time to meditate on Izarah. I'm really looking forward to the next painting (I want to do three of Izarah.). I am also eager to get to the swing painting idea. Then the navals?? Oh... I really really want to paint so much more than I get to!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Laughing now...

Okay,... I think I finished my Izarah painting. Now the big problemo is that I've no idea how to aesthetically sign my name! Every time I try it seems to mar the picture! I will try to get a photo posted but I've promised myself not to post it till I've figured out how to flippin well sign my name!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A lot going on...

I keeping hearing this lately... You've really got a lot going on... Funny - I always feel really overwhelmed and yet I feel like I don't really do much of anything. So when people tell've really got a lot going on. I want to ask them...What do you mean? Silly - I know.

I've had lot's and lot's happening this week. I won't even touch all the philosophical "deep" ponderings I weave through in a day. We got the camera turned in seems it worked perfectly at the shop when they checked it this time! But, they will send it in for repair anyway...three weeks we will find out what they plan to do with it.

The classes I started in July are starting again... I went. I will go. I'm not sure how much longer. This photo is one I fiddled with ...I love it so much! I'm so eager to paint it! But...I'm a woman who's learned...don't start the next thing till you finish the current one. I don't like to go back to something. I'm also exploring my bellybutton ideas again (I'll show you when I get there! hahaha).

The children have had a most exciting homeschooling experience this week with Earth Science. And Kael got his own e-mail and he read three sentences nearly by himself! I'm so proud!

I asked a fellow artist (can I include myself as an artist now?) if she could have a look at my Izarah painting. I wanted to make sure I got my ethos right. She was so encouraging and said yes yes yes to all my thinking. I felt really good about my paintings when she left. I think I must invite her more often!

Alrighty then... we are going out early to Moonshine Bay (the boys to fish with daddy on the boat and Izarah and I will be walking to the lighthouse) so I will go to bed now.

I'd love to hear how you are! Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blah - Blah - Blah

I'm in one of those super sticky spaces where everything feels thick...SO...I rearranged the living room and computer space. I'm avoiding anything accomplish-able.

I'm going to go colour with my littlies and write a little book and fool around... What are you doing?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is Today?

We've been experience a seriously high degree of sleep deprivation over the last several days and some strange things have occurred.

One: I've signed up for Face Book - I think I'm appalled! (I need more sleep to tell)
Two: I can't remember a good deal of what happens in a day
Three: Somehow one of my "intentions" has been met. I may have found someone to assist me in practicing my art 20hours a week. I'd be jumping up and down shouting hallelujah if I'd had a bit more sleep. The woman is going to trial on Friday so I will know more late.
Four:....(I almost forgot) I had an amazing philosophical discussion about sociology in relation to psychology. I put some amazing ideas together and had some great insights as well. The most I remember from the conversation is that we need to take more joy and pride in being uniquely different and standing out against the back drop of current convention.

I'm still waiting to get my camera fixed. I'm hoping to start...painting next week??

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I've been dying to post lately but I can't!!! My camera is on the blink and won't let me down load...yes again. I'm taking it for repair tomorrow. We have the added joy of struggling with our computer after it crashed due to a virus. Even after having it "repaired" it's acting like I am...just unable to overcome the virus completely. My bookmarks all got wiped out...bummer. AND my ACD prgram is missing...charming. So...I've got the blues man!

I'm sure this is all just a minor set-back experience so I'm chillin' with a few books and hatching plans and goals for 2009.

Hope you all had a fabulous festive season.