Monday, March 22, 2010

No pictures...Please!

I've lost a bit of time this week due to an eye infection. I've been struggling with an eye issue for the past year but this was worse. So I made an urgent run to the eye doctor last Wednesday and I'm taking conventional treatment (I've tried homeopathic/natural remedies for all this time but the infection was just the ripper for me!) and go for a follow up on Wednesday. Hold thumbs. I will go to class Tuesday as usual if I feel I can drive safely and see properly. Since Wednesday it's not been possible.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More progress

Well this is the progress thus far for the landscape. I was initially very uninspired to continue it to it's conclusion. I rather wanted to start another figure painting full of blues and greys and dark purple skin tones...Oh...I can't wait.'s always good to finish what you start and I had fun of course pushing through the empty spaces and throwing caution to the wind. Seems it helped pull this painting through to a point where it may be finished next session.

Very interesting side note. An older woman in my class with beautiful sparkly eyes is doing a self portrait. Her initial sketch is stunning. It shows her in such a beautiful way...really highlighting her positives. I'm inspired...I'm going to finish my pencil self portrait...and maybe even pull out the initial one for completion!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Second Attempt

This is a second attempt at my son's face from a previous picture. My art instructor was very kind and said I must frame it however I'm still not satisfied that it looks like my 6 year old son. I'm not being a perfectionist but it bears little resemblance to my son. There a quite a few "quirky" places. I'm very happy with the over shape of the sketch and I'm going to try it again and again till I am happy. I'm also going to try other faces. This is the toughest part for me. I am really keen to be able to do figures and forms. I also realize that it is as tough as getting correct perspective with technical drawings. If everything isn't just so...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Progress point

Here is the landscape picture... It's funny because. I started with the trees - very tight brush strokes and marks of leaves etc. (It is a cell phone picture but at least you have something to look at!) Then today (this is from the end of session two), I was filling in the sky part...very baby blue...WAY WAY WAY to blue. I knew. Then I worked it down with white of course. Now I fooled about sooo much that in the end I had lots of paint and wanted to use it up. So...out comes the big brush and swirly girly zoom I painted the forground colour in and I played with the trees a bit. I told my teacher the painting is finished. She didn't believe me. You can see why -I'm sure. There is actually quite a lot of work left....the posts, much more tree - don't you love the green fluffy clouds? and the best bit...the barbed wire and high lights!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amazing! have to giggle...nothing from me for long stretches and then WOW... what's this? Okay so this is my youngest sone searching among the rocks for crabs. I think my next painting attempt will be this one. It's going to be a trick for me to make it bigger than 9"x11" but I will give it a go. Then I've set it in my mind that this lends itself to an impressionistic style...although I love contemporary realism (what ever that exactly means?). So let's see what happens and WHEN!

I'm working on a landscape painting...about A3 sizeish. It's very funny...I will post a cell phone picture of it tomorrow or Thursday. Life is busy and I squeeze all the time I can out of little moments for my artistic passions. Sometimes fatigue wins...sometimes Passion!