Friday, December 4, 2009

Growings Pains

I should be painting two to three times a week. I know. I should...paint daily. I know. I shouldn't should all over myself - but there you go. What I am doing is planting and harvesting. I've got my garden going full blast and the fuller it get's the more amazing it is. I'm also getting the children involved (part of homeschooling) and that's been an extra-ordinary journey in the meaing of LOVE, Patience. Acceptance. Surrender. The other fabulous part of the children being involved is that they are even more readily eating "new" veggies. Dragon tongue bush beans from the shop would be snubbed but from our garden...they chow it down.

I'm working on getting them to have a daily tea from the herbs. I've got so many...Lemon Balm, basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, cilantro...I could go on. I also spoiled myself with the African Daisys to border our driveway.
Yeah...okay about painting. I got my birthday present.... My Father-in-law built me a beautiful shadow box frame. I finally had took the time to use it last weekend when my dear hubby took the children out for the day to his parents. It was so wonderful to use. I actually wanted to paint another painting but I was worried everyone would return before I got finished so I finished in the garden instead. Little did I know that they would still be HOURS returning! Bummer.

I've also been horribly distracted by food. I've gone vegetarian again...not strict more out of a lack of interest in meat than any other issues. I've found amazing recipes and food stuffs. I have even (after a very hectic experience) am able to eat nuts again! Very exciting as I LOVE nuts. I won't bore you with further discussions regarding food growing or eating.

I painted two the shadow box. I really loved my composition - the negative space between the pears was the draw for me. Unfortunately I chose the wrong colour back ground to accentuate my focal point. I'm going to have to make a do-over. Perhaps week. Maybe this weekend? Given we are only expecting 5 guests! hahaha!