Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out of this World!

"Round Pegs and Square Holes" (25cm square? I'll double check! Tomorrow. It's very late.)

What do you think of that for a title? Any other suggestions? Maybe... Bombs away? I really loved this painting. It was my own composition and I had to work out fabric folds as well. Then came the challenge of making the counter top look "real" and then there was a huge challenge because I needed the real surface and yet I wanted the "painterly" feel... Ah...what a great time I had working it all out. I'm sad to say the reason I haven't posted till now was due to a battle I've been having with light. I must have taken ten pictures of these two paintings in a myriad of light/settings etc etc. And still I have that spray of glare. Alas alack these were the best and I thought you might be tired of waiting.

....Titles??? Suggestions? I'm listening???

This is a picture of a favorite summer swimming spot on the Palmiet River. The sun and the water and all was so wonderful that day. I took loads of pics. This is a small study (6x12in) I am hoping to make it in a 12X24in ...soonish. Ah... OH... NEWS FLASH.... I am taking these two paintings plus my 6X8in apples to a gallery tomorrow. They seemed very keen at the informal first venture. AND I've sold three paintings as well! No they aren't posted on the site...I will get them here. I will attempt to make it tomorrw as it is my dedicated Painting Day. Things are hectic at the moment and my hubby is away...only returning late tomorrow. I will do my very best.

Please don't be shy now! I love to know what you are thinking.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am still here. Often the family needs are the greatest... so there was that and then there is my art class being canceled AND my camera malfunctioned again. The family needs are calming (slightly), the art classes are resumed - I've realized I've got to keep going if only to be able to paint once a week. I just don't have the space at home to make it yet. My camera is going to be replaced and upgraded to a new one. Let's hope this one works!

So...maybe you can see my newest painting by...next week??? Or today??? I'm waiting for the camera to arrive.

We are going away the weekend and Tuesday is a holiday (I need to find out what Holiday it is!). Have a lovely weekend!