Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

You see...last night in a mad frantic rush, (I did plan to plan ahead but it didn't happen), I realized I was going to be empty handed and sad on Valentine's morning. So I did what every good mom does...I managed. I made four little cards for my four little darlings each just a bit different from the other and each with a special unique message for each of my four angels. I am so impressed at how it all turned out. This morning I grandly and extravagantly delivered each valentines to each child, (and one for my fabulous hubby too Of course). At the end of the day I ask the children what is their favorite part of the day just ended. Aurion said many expected things and then he said in a very shy voice - "but my most favorite favorite thing today was my valentines and cuddling and laughing with Mommy after I got it." he finished in a whisper. I'm still crying! He's my little artist child. This is each of the fronts of the cards...the very top is the backs of the cards.

Now...this sad little thing here ...yes well. I know it will end better than it looks now and for an under painting it's not so bad but...I was hoping for more. Then of all things my art teacher went and shoved yellow paint on my black tire swing. I nearly hyperventilated till I remembered that I can...and just might...paint over it. Extra dark. Just because I can. But I have to admit that she might be correct. momma says that's a little bug on a chicken's butt. hmmm.

Happy Painting.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The One's that Got Away

The other day when the baboons forced the boys to lay down their booty and make a run for home, the neighbor tried to shoo the baboons from the food. There were some spicy bread buns and some pears. We couldn't save the buns but we did save two of the pears. They were beautiful with long expressive stems and a sharp stroke of red against the bright unripe green.

I was just going to take some snaps of them in the early morning light (now mid morning) and have found, sadly, that they have disappeared. I was really looking forward to trying a Carol Marine style and title! Ah much for procrastination! It's not a luxury with children around.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

These little guys on the left are from a children's book called Jack Frost by David Melling (I hope spelled his name correctly) They were so very adorable throughout the story that I couldn't resist trying a few myself. They were great fun and considering I did it so long ago and it was one of my few attempts that ended in success (meaning I was happy with the end result) I thought I would share my flash back with you! I still smile when I pull these little snow bugs out.

My sis-in-law has written a beautiful/fun children's book poem in rhyme and I am wondering if I can pull of illustrating it for her. I'd be ever so pleased!

These little dudes, (right) are tumbling gnomes.
They came in a kit we were given by friends who
came a visitin'. We put them together and I don't think I've ever seen a child so thrilled with a new toy! I made the two younger children's gnomes as they are a bit too young. The older boys helped sew theirs!

The local baboon troop arrived today in force. Seems the veld (wild flora n fauna) is yielding something worth eating. They checked out our swimming pool and had a drink from the splashing pool. When I thought they were gone I sent the boys to take fruit and bread to our neighbors. They came back in a rush. Seems the baboons were still hanging about. The children listen well. they dropped their parcels and hot-footed it home! No one was hurt. I wish I could show a picture there were so many little baboons about!

I've still managed to get some painting done on the girl in the swing - finished Izarah's painting. It doesn't look that much different from the posted pic.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok...It's not finished

For Cassie - who is dying to see this finished... I've just checked it again and I see a few little mistakes I need to correct (one on the bottom side of the painting - it's IMPORTANT!) - it's the details that make a painting. more day! I'm going to try to post a picture from my cell phone just to see how it looks - and because I don't want to be a tease! I really like how the "halo" around her body came out and Milly Jones' help about my horizontal lines I think have really made a big difference in the strength of this piece. It's got glare on it - so please excuse the fuzzyness. It is a cell phone camera!

Maybe it's just because I'm only beginning and feeling confident enough to attempt to paint things I feel are beautiful but I must say I don't understand how painters say they don't know what to paint! I've got so many ideas I can't paint fast enough!

Your input is deeply appreciated so please leave a comment! I've enjoyed painting this picture as it has given me time to meditate on Izarah. I'm really looking forward to the next painting (I want to do three of Izarah.). I am also eager to get to the swing painting idea. Then the navals?? Oh... I really really want to paint so much more than I get to!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Laughing now...

Okay,... I think I finished my Izarah painting. Now the big problemo is that I've no idea how to aesthetically sign my name! Every time I try it seems to mar the picture! I will try to get a photo posted but I've promised myself not to post it till I've figured out how to flippin well sign my name!