Monday, May 11, 2009

The Journey of a thousand steps...

Well...I'm in a very reflective mood again but what I want to impart is something MORE. My goal is always MORE...there is always more there is great ABUNDANCE to be had - always. I find lots of people are more comfortable in a box or with limits...I'm not. Direction is good...limit is ...limiting. Boundaries are also good...limits are different but similar. It's a long let's go to the point!

FIRST...THANK YOU so much Susan(her blog Painting Daily is a huge inspiration to me)...I am so very honored and humbled by your Lemonade Award. Funny I was considering painting Lemons last week! As with you this may take me a few days to respond to properly and I would very much like to do my best to attain that goal! Thank you so much again.

SECOND...This is officially the last month I am going to pursue painting in my art class. It's the second painting I've come home so frustrated about that I just wiped the whole mess. I felt so...disappointed with my ability to verbalize my idea and cowing to the beliefs of my teacher who's favorite sentence when asked WHY for the umpteeth time is "Because that's what I told you." Now...I must make the point that I have said this ONCE in my parenting journey and I loathed the experience so having my teacher do this to me is very unnerving. I changed the entire direction of my painting based on those words of hers and I hated it. I told my self it's fine because the goal is to paint small and to paint something more loose and "quick" like a daily painter. The goal was to finish it in my 2 hour class. must be kidding. BUT...I will continue for the rest of this month to make a point to myself. I can disagree and still be agreeable because the other person is responsible for their response??? How does that sound? I must be authentic to me...that's the long and the short. I must paint for me.

THIRD...The posted picture is my elder two boys being absolutely silly (in case you missed that!) the night before their Daddy was to return home. He's leaving again after two days home. We are hoping to have him for the coming weekend. So...when Susan says I'm a busy Mom...well...sorta.... I'm a looney Mom. I'm trying to paint/draw daily (I'm managing once a week at present...but at least that's something!), mange being a unwife/unmother/unhomemaker and knit. I'm homeschooling...this is SO great check out SelfDesign Global .We do a sort of enthusiasm led learning. I'd list all the other things I squish into my time but...those are my focus points (I think..;).

So those are the big points. Thanks, Be Authentic to self, and Be Silly!

I'll post a picture (good, bad or ....let me see....let me be realistic...uh...WHY?) ok... Tuesday evening: 12 May 2009

How are you doing with your life goals??

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