Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out of this World!

"Round Pegs and Square Holes" (25cm square? I'll double check! Tomorrow. It's very late.)

What do you think of that for a title? Any other suggestions? Maybe... Bombs away? I really loved this painting. It was my own composition and I had to work out fabric folds as well. Then came the challenge of making the counter top look "real" and then there was a huge challenge because I needed the real surface and yet I wanted the "painterly" feel... Ah...what a great time I had working it all out. I'm sad to say the reason I haven't posted till now was due to a battle I've been having with light. I must have taken ten pictures of these two paintings in a myriad of light/settings etc etc. And still I have that spray of glare. Alas alack these were the best and I thought you might be tired of waiting.

....Titles??? Suggestions? I'm listening???

This is a picture of a favorite summer swimming spot on the Palmiet River. The sun and the water and all was so wonderful that day. I took loads of pics. This is a small study (6x12in) I am hoping to make it in a 12X24in ...soonish. Ah... OH... NEWS FLASH.... I am taking these two paintings plus my 6X8in apples to a gallery tomorrow. They seemed very keen at the informal first venture. AND I've sold three paintings as well! No they aren't posted on the site...I will get them here. I will attempt to make it tomorrw as it is my dedicated Painting Day. Things are hectic at the moment and my hubby is away...only returning late tomorrow. I will do my very best.

Please don't be shy now! I love to know what you are thinking.

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  1. Well it took me forever to figure out how to leave a comment, so that's probably why you're not getting any. "A place to meditate" seems to be a good title for your painting of the water that's posted under "Out of this World". They are both well done. I'm really proud of you and your talent. Mom