Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More progress

Well this is the progress thus far for the landscape. I was initially very uninspired to continue it to it's conclusion. I rather wanted to start another figure painting full of blues and greys and dark purple skin tones...Oh...I can't wait. But...it's always good to finish what you start and I had fun of course pushing through the empty spaces and throwing caution to the wind. Seems it helped pull this painting through to a point where it may be finished next session.

Very interesting side note. An older woman in my class with beautiful sparkly eyes is doing a self portrait. Her initial sketch is stunning. It shows her in such a beautiful way...really highlighting her positives. I'm inspired...I'm going to finish my pencil self portrait...and maybe even pull out the initial one for completion!


  1. Great progress! I thought it was finished. When you were small, I tried teaching "finish what you start". I'm happy to see you've learned and I know it's not always possible, but you're doing great.

    Lots of love,

  2. Thanks for the compliment mom. Yes I did learn a lot of things from you.

    Lots of Love, M