Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Progress 2010

This painting is of a friend of mine.  Sitting in animated conversation with my husband over that most interesting of subjects LIFE, LOVE and HAPPINESS.  The paper in her lap is a dialog about the road to finding these things.   It is unfortunate that there was a glare in the photo.  The blues are bluer and the whites...not SO overpowering.  Her toes...are fabulous.  I struggled like crazy to get my initial lines laid down but then it was such fun to paint.  I really didn't want to put the chair in ...but in the end..that was lots of fun too!  It was wonderful to paint so loose.  It was like magic to see what a stroke could do!  I'm not certain I'm finished with it.  (I thought I was...but then a better background inspiration reared it's idea at me....)

Oh...this little love boy! He is hunting for crabs in the rocks at the beach.  The painting literally fell out of my brush - with a few challenges of course!  However the rocks painted themselves, and the skin tones!  Well I just played and it seemed to work a beauty.  When I was painting it my children thought I was mad.  I painted the whole figure a shade of green so he looked like an avocado.  The photo again is not true to colours - sad but there you are.  There's a greener tinge to the figure and many finely shaded areas all through the painting.  I'm not certain how to correct my photo's to make them more true.

My next two paintings are figures also.  One mine and one the African boy from a previous post.  The ideas are bursting forth and I am unable to keep up with them at present!  Many happy ideas to you!

NOTE:  The original title of this post was Current Paintings - Not the best idea I've had.  It shows not more clearly what it is I hope.

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