Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SARK TUESDAY: Willingness

Melissa Mead 2012 Photograph
On Forrestry Side of the Grabouw Country Club Dam 2012
SARK:  Willingness is the ability to move without proof.  Willingness is the cupcake for yet another FUNdraiser.

MMinP:  For this to make the most sense please read this... From Facebook:
There should have been a story about a professor - a mayonnaise jar, golfballs, pebbles, sand and beer.  My most FAVORITE part is that the golf balls represent your most important things like family AND YOUR PASSIONS.  Your passions aren't relegated to the pebbles or even down to the sand (these being those things that you must fit into your life like doing the grocery shopping and paying bills).  The other best thing is the reminder that there's always time for getting together with friends....

My personal story on this is that I am WILLING to keep moving forward with my art even though I have no proof it's going anywhere or that I'm creating anything...  I think about it everyday.  I make plans for it everyday in many ways.  I even get pencil to paper often.  At the moment I am willing to leave this "as is" while supporting my husband moving through his rehab and getting stronger everyday and before we know it life will be into another semblance of moving forward.  Then the paint will begin to flow again!

I'm no longer willing to do the cupcakes though....not even painted ones.

What are you willing to do for your creative dreams?

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