Friday, January 30, 2009

A lot going on...

I keeping hearing this lately... You've really got a lot going on... Funny - I always feel really overwhelmed and yet I feel like I don't really do much of anything. So when people tell've really got a lot going on. I want to ask them...What do you mean? Silly - I know.

I've had lot's and lot's happening this week. I won't even touch all the philosophical "deep" ponderings I weave through in a day. We got the camera turned in seems it worked perfectly at the shop when they checked it this time! But, they will send it in for repair anyway...three weeks we will find out what they plan to do with it.

The classes I started in July are starting again... I went. I will go. I'm not sure how much longer. This photo is one I fiddled with ...I love it so much! I'm so eager to paint it! But...I'm a woman who's learned...don't start the next thing till you finish the current one. I don't like to go back to something. I'm also exploring my bellybutton ideas again (I'll show you when I get there! hahaha).

The children have had a most exciting homeschooling experience this week with Earth Science. And Kael got his own e-mail and he read three sentences nearly by himself! I'm so proud!

I asked a fellow artist (can I include myself as an artist now?) if she could have a look at my Izarah painting. I wanted to make sure I got my ethos right. She was so encouraging and said yes yes yes to all my thinking. I felt really good about my paintings when she left. I think I must invite her more often!

Alrighty then... we are going out early to Moonshine Bay (the boys to fish with daddy on the boat and Izarah and I will be walking to the lighthouse) so I will go to bed now.

I'd love to hear how you are! Thanks for visiting!


  1. This photo's composition is so amazing

  2. love this photo! The color combination of hot pink black is what caught my eye. The composition is great and love how she is peeking out from behind her world. A beautifully captured moment.