Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is Today?

We've been experience a seriously high degree of sleep deprivation over the last several days and some strange things have occurred.

One: I've signed up for Face Book - I think I'm appalled! (I need more sleep to tell)
Two: I can't remember a good deal of what happens in a day
Three: Somehow one of my "intentions" has been met. I may have found someone to assist me in practicing my art 20hours a week. I'd be jumping up and down shouting hallelujah if I'd had a bit more sleep. The woman is going to trial on Friday so I will know more late.
Four:....(I almost forgot) I had an amazing philosophical discussion about sociology in relation to psychology. I put some amazing ideas together and had some great insights as well. The most I remember from the conversation is that we need to take more joy and pride in being uniquely different and standing out against the back drop of current convention.

I'm still waiting to get my camera fixed. I'm hoping to start...painting next week??

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