Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Beginnings

After much time things are moving in my art world.  I was painting on and off through a myriad of changes but nothing seemed to be going anywhere.  Then I joined the Art Society of Stellenbosch, went to a few meetings, had a field trip to a bronze foundry (so very cool!) and began to breath art again.  I exhibited in the yearly members exhibition with some very fine artists.  During this time we moved to the town of Elgin/Grabouw and realized that perhaps some "real" classes are in order for me???

I've organized to go part-time in the Andrew Owen school of Art to try and ground my work, maybe sort out some compositional swiss cheese as I'm starting to call the holes in my understanding of painting.  I've also signed up for an online course in Children's book Illustration.  With any luck I will be totally submersed in the beauty and awesomeness of creating all the swirling pictures in my dreams.....


  1. I think it's EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. Joining our online illustration course has been one of the best experiences of my life. I've always done my art alone, which is great but sharing your experiences with a group really does open you up so much more. I've had the best time chatting to all you guys and hopefully joining SCBWI means I get to meet some of you in person. Hooray for 'Arty Types'! *GRIN

  2. Thanks for visiting Helga!

    It is great to share - it helps us grow / expand / inspire! I'm looking forward to the year ahead.