Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well - not the best photo but this is my first attempt at illustration.  I'm confident I can get better! :-)  The lesson was to use only two colours -   Never mind I used the mix-iest colours.  It was wonderful working with great quality paints and paper AND brushes.  It's been ages since I tried water colour - but it never worked so great.  Quality is everything.  I'm not happy with my drawing so I snuck out of class to try my own thing.  I'll show that to you when it's done.

Last night I started an 8 session lesson on how to publish and work with interactive books - it will be a long time till that happens for me but at least I will have the beginnings and can research my self silly till my drawings/illustrations etc are up to speed.  Who knows I might get more ideas than just children's books.

I must say - THANK YOU -  for your patience with my long unexplained absences - actually they are explainable.  Children and homeschooling.  And now there are illustration classes for me and next fine art classes - for ME too!  whoopee.  Till then - I'm jammin.  Making apricot jam that is - cross your fingers.


  1. Oh how did I miss this! Your blog post I mean. I'm lucky to have seen your artwork on our Critique session with Mark. Well Done! Now you're of the starting blocks there's no telling where you might go. I admire you the most because I only have one little boy to look after and you have 4 kids! How do you find time to breathe, nevermind carve out a life. So keep going and let's see where this all leads us, it's going to be fun!

  2. Thanks Helga - I am hoping to have a surprise for the next meeting. I am a creator - I must create. That's the only way to explain my dogged pursuit of my dreams!

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