Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Funny thing about art imitating life or life imitating art...(it can't actually be backwards when they are the same thing - to me anyway), as I was saying - funny thing is; in both you must get your head around perspective.

Three point perspective from above and below.
The top was my "free hand" three point - I failed to actually include the third point (I see now that it's posted! Ha!)  The second is my attempt to get the coffee shop's a bit crazy to use a medium purple ball point pen on a little sketch about 1x2inches!  So the detail is dread but the exercise was fabulous.
In my case - after all these (untold) years - I still struggle with perspective in life and art.  I'm also still trying to get my head around using Apple software after growing up on Microsoft...

So this was my - Session 10 from Marks and Splashes with Mark G. Mitchell  I am doing my best to learn how to put on hyperlinks for your ease of surfing.  The following session is about four point perspective.  I can't wait - always wanted to understand those curvy pictures.

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  1. I always find perspective difficult. When I look back I've always got something wrong.

    I had to use an Apple computer the other day and spent most of the time stuck.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I think as artists we are always hardest on ourselves. I find heart in knowing that it's often the things that are a little off that make the art interesting and enjoyable.

    Thanks for the encouragement about the Apple - I'm persevering as I've wanted an Apple since I got my first computer 10 years ago!