Thursday, January 26, 2012

Popping Ideas!

I woke this morning to some interesting ideas for the following months 12x12 in 12 challenge ideas.  I fetched my son from school and again more ideas!

Aurion in the waves with Kael
My son and I sat having a special tea and fleshing out the idea that came from his school.  It was such a special experience to be sharing this story with him and with a little bit of imagination maybe we can illustrate it together!  I also managed to get two leads on a babysitter so that I might have some serious time for illustration.  I need to get the miles in to hone the craft.

Unfortunately - our special tea seems to have left me with food poisoning.  Bummer.  To end on a great note - my Super Amazing Special Husband has taken over and I'll be all better lickity split!


  1. Wow - sounds wonderful. All the way up to the food poisoning that is. Feel better soon!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes Julie - a bit of homeopathic mix and some probiotics with loads of liquids and I'm on my way again! Wahoo!

  3. Oh! I hope you are feeling better!

    I'm new to your blog from the critique blogfest, and I'm happy to meet you!

    I loved your profile information in the upper rt hand corner, and I love the overall look of your blog. The only thing I would change is the word verification for comments. I personally dislike them!! Maybe because I often misspell the words ...

  4. Hi Margo -
    Thank you - I am better now. I appreciate your comments and thoughtfulness.

    I am also not so keen on the verification however, I'm also not into spam! I've also recently found those funky words inspiring. More on that soonishly.