Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SARK TUESDAY: Transforming Fears

Family and Friends helping each other through a challenge.  Photo by Melissa Mead
SARK: FEARs have the ability to become so real that we can become paralyzed by them.  Creative dreams can quickly expand through transforming fear.  Describe a fear [you have about living your creative dream].  Expand [that fear till it becomes the worst possible outcome].  Call in the strongest part of you [to respond to that fear with practical reassurance].

MMIP:  Fear....hmmmm a toughie.  Sometimes we are held back by unseen/unconscious fears.  I think those are the hardest.   I'm working through a fear of missing what is coming to meet me.  I can feel a change coming...but what is it?  It sure is taking a long time to come - is it ever going to get here?  Will I be in the bath and miss it?  My biggest fear is looking so urgently to the future that I'm actually missing the now.

A short original poem:

F - futile
E - emotions
A - awaiting
R - redirection

I just made that up....I think it's well expressed however and shifts it from a big dark monster to something simpler.  Easier to find your courage through redirecting fearful emotions?

Are you also struggling with this enigmatic sense of expectation?  Are you afraid/excited/apathetic?

Well - if you are excited and expectant - check in Thursday for an update on what's been happening in the studio....


  1. No! No sense of expectation here! But fear, yes. So I like your poem very much. I made a small doodle the other day about fear, I'll take a picture and post it on your facebook page. For you to remember not to be afraid!

    1. Thank you for the visit and the compliment Pia! I am loving what you are working on. I am looking forward to your doodle. :D