Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SARK Tuesday: Clock of Forgiveness

SARK:  This clock doesn't keep time, but gives it to you in the kindest measure.  You now realize that time is entirely your perception and there is always enough.

MMinP:  When I can relax and remember the clock of forgiveness...it works brilliantly.  When I need the space to just stop "should-ing" all over myself - the clock is there.  For example:  I should practice this art lesson or take that class, clean the kitchen, do the laundry, attend to the kids (who are happily playing their own self involved game!).  A deep breath in and long out breath followed by doing something I really WANT to do.  Like just sitting and scribbling or actually painting anything...  Suddenly it's as if the world stands still for the time it takes for me to have this pause.

Usually everyone survives without me.  Everything is still waiting to be done/accomplished.  I find setting my timer allows me to totally submerge into this timeless space.  I stop fretting about forgetting to get my children to sport or start dinner etc.  I completely fall into the doing of my task - fine tuning little profiles of babes, how to make a hand and fingers that look like little fingers.  My mind clears long enough to write a sentence or idea for the Picture Book challenge of 12x12.

When my time is up - I'm so happy.  Calm, relaxed.  Better than anything - I'm energized -  Whoopie!  Why don't I do this more?  I always wonder.  Then the long to-do list punctures the bliss.  Oh yes.  I must be productive-(do all those things people expect I should do).  WHY?

That's another post for another day....or maybe more than one post....

Use the clock of forgiveness - come back and share your experience.  I might start living on CoF time instead of GMT+2.  Maybe I'll get more accomplished!

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  1. Time.....well, perhaps you have an idea there. I reckon all my watches are wrong, because in the morning I awake and it is 6am, when I look again it is 6pm, and then it's time for bed! What did I accomplish that day? Um, only a little bit of every chore/thing that needed doing.
    Just sit and be. Be in the moment, don't rush, ignore the watch, all it is, is a face with hands.