Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hang On...Hold On...HELP!!!! is coming!

Whoa...today was tough. It's the second day into my husbands 14 day trip overseas. My three year old boy is feeling it heavily. My two year old girl has a tummy bug. My two older boys (7 and 5) are coming back from grandma's house tomorrow and they are not excited about it.

On the absolute dreamy side of life...I get to paint tomorrow!!! AND I might well get to do it again on Friday. I have made a definite painting date for Monday. I really can't manage without a painting session once a week at least.

I've toyed with the idea of posting some of my first paintings. The more I think of it the more certain I am this is a BAD idea. They are so sad and flat and tight. I just want to repaint them and make the happy to be on the canvas!

There will be a painting here soon I must just be patient. Thank you for being patient with me. Thanks for the visit.

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  1. People watching them probably will be much less critical than you and not even see most of the flaws you see