Friday, November 14, 2008

Exciting Starts

I am jumping with excitement!!! I feel like a sesame seed on a hot frying pan. I am beginning this spring on a journey of commitment to my art. I want to produce a painting a week. I have heard of the daily paintings however this is far to much for me with my four children and starting homeschooling and all the other responsibilities of being human in a modern world.

I love art, painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, any and everything to do with expressing of self and ideas and colour and....LIFE!! What an exciting time we are living in that we have such freedom.

I am currently working on my first "weekly" painting. It's a still life of three eggs on a plate with a luminous blue scarf. I love the light shining through everything. The intimacy and warmth. I love how when I'm painting it I get confused and the folds become like mountains or waves... I must work from a picture at this point as I paint very slowly and I can't leave something set up. I work in our dining room so I have to clean up after every session. A small mission for the joy of painting!

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  1. I am so excited for you! I get the whole juggling life family and painting I am in the same boat. The beauty of these blogs, is we can row together! Do what you can, because you can! Thanks for visiting my blog. Ill be watching yours! Keep it up!