Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am so so so excited!!!

I have "fixed" my painting after one of the boys put his finger through the finished painting. I was tempted to climb back into it to perfect a few more things I'm not happy with but a friend of mine said "OH! you are SO critical!". So I thought well...she's an excellent painter...maybe I SHOULD just leave it. So I am. It's finished! I've put a picture in but I've just seen it's too dark. My dear hubby got the pics to download finally so I will take ANOTHER picture and post replace this one. **The pic has been I see that the "fix" is actually visible. I'm still leaving it alone though!

I've also got so many ideas for my next project that I am just shivering with anticipation. I had a few "simple" plans but then I saw my daughter washing her hands one morning and there was just the most beautiful scene. I've got three different shots. I'm going to try to paint all three (I hope it doesn't take me till next year this time!).

I know I should try something more simple but...alas easy doesn't cause shivers up my spine!

Joyous painting and happy holiday preparations to you and your families! Thank you so very much for visiting and for your input.

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  1. You are very talented. The worst part is to remember to stop. Overworking a painting is so easy to do if you are too cirtical.

    From what I see, you can safely stop probably even a couple of minor steps before you do and still the painting will be excellent.