Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Stages

Okay, I can't title every post "I'm so excited" but heck...I am. I'm so impressed with this first layer. I was sailing along with Kathy Mattea, Dizzy Gillespie, and Yo-Yo Ma (et. al. the myriad of my eclectic music collection). I wanted to try an under painting of black and white acrylic to sort out tonal values and lighting etc. WOW - it went so well - the picture fell right out the brush. Mostly - I got anxious at the end of my baby sitting time and made a few oopsies but overall I can't believe I painted this!

Oh...what is it? Hahaha... Izarah likes to wash her hands and spends long sessions in the various stages of soaping, rinsing and starting over. The morning light was pouring through the window behind her and...well I couldn't resist. I love her baby bum n tum!

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  1. I CAN believe you did this. I've always known you were artistily talented and finally you are sharing it.

    Much love,

  2. Meli--it's gorgeous. It's like you're pouring you spirit onto the canvas! I can't wait to see the evolution of this.

    Love you,

  3. Melissa

    Your work is excellent. You definitely have the vision and technical abilities are quite good. I'm Brenda, your mom's friend. Maybe your mom has told you I moved to Rockport TX. This is a big artist colony. I've been busy w/the move and setting up the house and now the holidays, but I can't wait to get back to my watercolor or better yet, try my first oil class. Alot of great teachers here, and I believe we need a class here and there. I still do my best work in my environment. A class is hectic, but I like the networking and discussions. You ALWAYS learn something in a class no matter how long you have been working. Talk again soon. Brenda

  4. Thank You!!!

    You are all so very kind. I am a bit dispirited today as I was being rushed in painting and as always it clogs up the "connectedness of all things" there was lots of angst. This baby is on it's way in oil and I can't believe how different it is looking.

    Thank you for the kind generous comments!

  5. Amazing first layer.
    Keep painting


  6. Wow! It's beautiful! My mom said "toll, toll, toll!" (means: amazing, awesome, great...) she asked me, did melissa paint that? really? oh, sweeeeet! :)

    Even if I can't paint like that, I was also creative: with my 2.5 kg shells I made a very beautiful collage for my new home in Hamburg.
    asap I will send you a pic to hear how you like it. It's a big heart on a white wooden board with angel leaves. a bit kitschy but nice.