Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok...It's not finished

For Cassie - who is dying to see this finished... I've just checked it again and I see a few little mistakes I need to correct (one on the bottom side of the painting - it's IMPORTANT!) - it's the details that make a painting. more day! I'm going to try to post a picture from my cell phone just to see how it looks - and because I don't want to be a tease! I really like how the "halo" around her body came out and Milly Jones' help about my horizontal lines I think have really made a big difference in the strength of this piece. It's got glare on it - so please excuse the fuzzyness. It is a cell phone camera!

Maybe it's just because I'm only beginning and feeling confident enough to attempt to paint things I feel are beautiful but I must say I don't understand how painters say they don't know what to paint! I've got so many ideas I can't paint fast enough!

Your input is deeply appreciated so please leave a comment! I've enjoyed painting this picture as it has given me time to meditate on Izarah. I'm really looking forward to the next painting (I want to do three of Izarah.). I am also eager to get to the swing painting idea. Then the navals?? Oh... I really really want to paint so much more than I get to!


  1. Melissa

    I remembered to google you! Your painting is beautiful. I do a bit of painting myself, so Im confident in saying you did very well. Looking forward to see the rest.