Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

You see...last night in a mad frantic rush, (I did plan to plan ahead but it didn't happen), I realized I was going to be empty handed and sad on Valentine's morning. So I did what every good mom does...I managed. I made four little cards for my four little darlings each just a bit different from the other and each with a special unique message for each of my four angels. I am so impressed at how it all turned out. This morning I grandly and extravagantly delivered each valentines to each child, (and one for my fabulous hubby too Of course). At the end of the day I ask the children what is their favorite part of the day just ended. Aurion said many expected things and then he said in a very shy voice - "but my most favorite favorite thing today was my valentines and cuddling and laughing with Mommy after I got it." he finished in a whisper. I'm still crying! He's my little artist child. This is each of the fronts of the cards...the very top is the backs of the cards.

Now...this sad little thing here ...yes well. I know it will end better than it looks now and for an under painting it's not so bad but...I was hoping for more. Then of all things my art teacher went and shoved yellow paint on my black tire swing. I nearly hyperventilated till I remembered that I can...and just might...paint over it. Extra dark. Just because I can. But I have to admit that she might be correct. momma says that's a little bug on a chicken's butt. hmmm.

Happy Painting.

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