Sunday, February 28, 2010

Figure drawing?

This was my subject today. My son doing one of the things he does best...climbing. I would also love to paint this picture as the expression of focus on his face combined with the soft glowing grasses behind him (which I excluded for reasons of simplicity) is stunning to me. I didn't manage to capture his face or much else very well. I think I tried to keep it too small (5"x7") and between my pencils, my eraser and my skill level I really struggled. But I kept at it and I will be proud to have my art instructor critique it on Tuesday.

That brings me to a QUICK point. I've been noticing people say they are self-taught. I even tried it (note blurb under my name above) but in reality we need assitance and guidance and critique from a mentor/teacher etc. So this is a note of thanks to all my teachers. Thank you for you patience and wisdom. (not that many will see this...the last two didn't even own a computer.)

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