Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sketches of Tanya

The first sketch is charcoal and it's on about 80cm square newsprint. I worked on it for ...about 2.5 hours. The second sketch was the first one and I might have worked about an hour on my 9" by 11" sketch book. For some reason the sketch book version got really big. I'm happy with most all of it except that I couldn't fit the whole picture in. I am working on proportions and the drawing what I see lessons. I must see things really weird. I like to magnify my favorite portions and minimize or leave out those bits I'm not drawn too...(funny pun hey?). I'd really like to capture her face however my first, second and third attempts left me with the distinct understanding that I need some assitance from an expert. I'm hoping to continue on this until it's conclusion. I'd love to make a painting of this as I adore the feeling of the pose.

My learning experience has revealed GRAND figure drawing subjects abounding all around me. I've got four children who are in constant motion and since it's summer are usually au natural. Also my friend (sketched above...), her family and my husband all give fabulous body shapes and sizes. They practice sports, dance and martial arts...ahhh! I wish I could draw and paint and mature faster!

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