Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hang on to your Hat!

WOW...big shifts, big shifts. Above is a charcoal sketch of my feet and an apple. I know - I'm learning. This is my artist childhood remember? I was really disgusted by this actually so I put it up above my fireplace (not to burn's Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere) but to put it someplace I had to look at it. Something to encourage me to practice because at least it LOOKS like feet. So then I tried sketching from a black and white photo in a book on massage the first sketch. I haven't finished it as I also got disgusted with it. I worked on it for maybe two hours.

Okay...why am I going on? (besides because I do...) I've been having a major breakdown about this story about becoming an artist. I tried to share it with my art teacher (but she changed the subject and from that I took that I need to just get on with it!), then I tried another 3 people...they also blipped I really took it to heart to just get on with it. And then again I was still really stripped because when I was looking for inspiration over the weekend what I found was a blog from a woman who was doing exactly what I'm doing...baking or knitting or otherwise avoiding getting on with it!

Tonight...I've started getting on with it. I'm so excited. I will share in drips so as not to bore or overwhelm. So the blog I found tonight is from an American University where the students post works in progress etc. SO absolutely all I needed!

I have more sketches but...I can't find them! hahaha. I will hunt them down the weekend and also dig in for more!

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