Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jam Labels for 2011
Above is my second official illustration.  I've made about 10kg of apricot jam for the first time in my life.  I've got about - oh 10kg more to go - and with any luck I will do another 20kg.  They won't have such pretty labels.  I will look for water proof pens in colour - they are hard enough to find in black and blue.  The pretty labels will be for jars expected to be presents.

How to grow tomatoes...
19cm x 14cm watercolour on 100% cotton rag
Please contact me if you would like to purchase this painting.

A friend of mine is an amazing woman who I believe can grow ANYTHING from a seed.  Shannon says pink korrels, pilchard, aspirin, bone meal, finely crushed egg shells and horse manure grow tomatoes fabulously -here is my water colour version of her photo.  She's got a fab shop complete with heirloom seeds, coffee, eats and preserves - its called The Gravel Garden.  You can find her at www.thegravelgardendotcom.

I'd include a link BUT - I'm busy moving from my old PC to an apple lap top.  I wasn't too efficient on the PC so I'm going to explode my brains for the next six months learning - EVERYTHING.  From Apples to illustration and fine art!  Hopefully learning to add links as well.

Please join me on my exploits in 2012 - I know the Mayans say it's the end but for's just the beginning!  I expect to blog every Thursday from Jan 10, 2012.   If you want to make a note of that.

Peace and Groovyness!


  1. Love the new look Melissa! Your Jam lables are so cute, I can't believe how industrious you've been. Is that watercolour your friends? It's gorgeous! Have a wonderful Christmas. We'll get stuck in again after the festive season. ((Big Hug))

  2. Thanks Helga! It's my water colour version of her photo. I focused on the Chess game of colours with the King and his BFF and the Queen of Green. Talk with you after the holidays!