Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Critique My Blogfest

I've entered three wild new things this year.  I think I'm going to check off my "do three things that stretch me" goal as being met with a mighty bang.  The first was the 12x12 in 12 Challenge, then there is the PB Dummy challenge and then I thought - what the heck.... I better improve my blog too!  So I signed up for the Crit my blog blogfest too!

I am shaking my head and running around looney tunes at present.  I know I will catch up with all my Mommy items, my Art Items and my Writing Items.  I did make a list to be certain it would all work out.  I have a lot of hope, faith and trust - plus I'm pretty good at making it up as I go.

I would like to "announce" that I have two goals for this year.  The one is to post "finished works or in-progress items" every Thursday and the other ...I'm SOO excited!  The other goal is to post a SARK inspiration each Tuesday - so encourage and spark my self and others forward to reach our creative dreaming potentials!  I was unable to post this Tuesday as I was waiting confirmation from Sark and her fabulous team that my idea was acceptable to their copyright.

So... You can make comments on:
a.      Appearance: Does it appeal to you? Is it too busy, or too plain?
b.      Layout: Is it difficult to navigate? Is it cluttered, or sparse?
c.      Frequency: Does the blogger post too often? Not often enough?
d.      Content: Are the posts interesting? Unique? Are they focused, or all over the place?
e.      Quality: Are the individual posts too long, too short, too sloppy, or too generic?
For simplicity you may place your comment in the comments section - or if you feel more comfortable you can e-mail me.

Thank you so very much and know that I'm doing my very best to master this darn Apple computer so I can manage hyperlinks etc and be much more professional about my blog.  I am really looking forward to your suggestions.


  1. Yay! I see you are a 12x12er!

    So I would like to see a few words at the top explaining what your blog is about (what are you exploring?). The facebook share button on the top looks out of place (perhaps you could move it to the side column). I don't care for comment boxes that open up in a new window b/c I like to be able to refer to a post when I'm commenting. I like that you have a blog archive but perhaps you could move it up so that guests don’t have to scroll all the way down to find it. I like that your posts are short and that many of them have photos.

  2. Hey - I'm here from the Critique blogfest too. New follower! Now, to critique!

    I like the 'sparseness' of your layout, and the bigness of your blog's text (easy on the eyes). The colour scheme is pretty good for my eyes.

    I agree with the above, maybe a bit more clear info on what your blog is about. Not sure if you are interested in adding pages to your blog, but that's something that can be done with Blogger. Maybe an "About" page, if you want to go into more depth than on your main blog page. Or if you prefer not to clutter your blog with pages, then put some info elsewhere.

    All in all, I like the simplicity of your blog. Sometimes people have too many bells & whistles!

  3. Rena and Trisha - Thank you very much for your visit and your crit. I appreciate your comments. Your suggestions are something I've been wondering about doing. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Trisha I really appreciate you becoming a follower. I am still learning how to use Blogger and I would appreciate your further feedback regarding how the "following" is working for you.

    I will see you both again in your blogs! Thank you again.

  4. Hi Melissa, You have a wonderful blog here and your artwork is amazing. I've been inspired to try making labels for jam.
    Your header appears really big to me. Maybe it's because I've got a tiny (10inch) netbook screen. I agree with Rena about the facebook button, maybe if it was in the right hand column?
    In terms of frequency I've love to hear more about your adventures and see more of your art. It truly is beautiful.

  5. art student? i'd love to see an artistic header!
    other than that, good blog about surviving art school and life and the 12x12.

  6. Kate - Thank you for the visit. I appreciate and agree with your comments and suggestions. I will have to figure out how to change the header and that facebook button.

    My goal is to write twice a week T and Th. So I hope that will give you some more of my adventure.

    Tara - Thanks so much for the positives!

    Rena - sorry I missed out to say thanks for following!

  7. Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

    1. I like that your posts are personal, but you write so much about yourself that I'm curious about your audience. Is this for friends, or strangers? If the latter, you should focus on what we will find useful.

    2. Your search for self-improvement is inspiring, and it draws me in. Everything I've read so far is about you getting better at something. It makes me want to go out and get better at something.

    I realize number 1 and 2 contradict each other. You can try striking a balance between writing ABOUT you and writing FOR us.

    3. You would get more followers if you posted more often. Right now, it's pretty sparse.

    I hope some of this was helpful!

  8. Teralyn! Thanks for taking your time to visit and crit. I do apologize for the lack of mention and link issues. I am still blundering along on the Mac - I know I will get there.

    You really put your finger on something critical here. Who is the blog for? And while it might have sounded contradictory I do get it. You are eloquent and I appreciate that very much. It helps immensely.