Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm am so excited...I was really nervous about doing this self portrait and then...I did it big in Acrylics. WOW!! I love doing an underpainting. I feel I have such freedom to explore and mess and fool about! It was nerve wracking trying to get the sketch down and "right". I always feel that's a week spot. Then I decided to do dark colours for the underpainting so I could REALLY fool around with the oils on top tomorrow. The nipples aren't correct...I know. I will make it right tomorrow. I've ran out of time and was starting to get really careless.

My art teacher said to me last time she wants me to really let loose and do some wild brush strokes - which was just where I was heading anyway! This painting is's um...about 60x90cm (that's roughly 2'x3'). I've got this giant trepidation that she's going to refuse me to paint this in class because of the subject. I'm not worried though. I'm feeling that the time for the class is truly coming to an end as it seems so is our time in Pringle Bay.

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