Monday, March 9, 2009

Fiddling About & bad photo's

Ah yes..well. Breathe. mmmmhhhaaa. YES. My children are woggling about me while I try to type and I'm trying to remain in love and joy as they pull my hair and play a game about me in an effort to let me finish my computer time.

Here is another pic of You Can't See Me. I did decide to fiddle with it but I am unable to get a nice photo of it. I've also included a little detail pic of my favorite part!

I also have done a sketch for my self portrait and furthered it with watercolours while the children explored my brushes and pushed my parameters... BUT... I'm very shy about it for some reason and absolutely unable to objectively determine anything about it! From basic composition to colours etc. I've sent it off to loving friends and select family for input.

Thanks so much for the visit! Comments are most welcome...

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