Friday, April 6, 2012

April 2012 is...

I'm fascinated by April.  April is Poetry Month.  It is also Autism Awareness Month.  I think this is amazing.

Some of my fellow 12x12ers are celebrating Poetry Month.  Please visit Rena J Traxel and No Water River for a month of poetic excitement.

My first Picture Book draft for the 12x12 in 12 was in verse.  Inspired by a verse from Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear.  Perhaps I should try my April draft in verse also?  Hmmm.....

I grew up on Shel Silverstien maintaining my love of non-violence through his poem Hug-o-war.  I can still rattle off a number of his poems to this day and it amuses my children no end.

I'd like to leave you with a link for an American Poet (living) her name is Elizabeth Alexander.  The link is not to her webpage but to an interview she had with Krista Tippet for the radio program On Being.

Driftwood Poetry
And some thoughts on Autism...
Autism in and of itself is a kind of living poetry.  Some moments born of: beauty, love and wonder, others of: deep frustration, lonliness and anger.  My experience with Autism was brief - while I was working as a physical therapist at a children's rehabilitation center.  I remember the children I worked with and I remember their parents and their stories.  Such strength.


  1. Thanks for the mention. I also love Shel Silverstein. On Sunday I will be posting all the poems I wrote for the poetry challenge so far. One of the poems is a cento poem using one of Shel's poems.

    One of the very first jobs I had. I worked in a daycare, in which one of the boys was autistic. What a special little boy he was. He couldn't speak but he would draw and sit in my lap.

    I'm off to read Alexander's interview.

    1. It's only a pleasure Rena! How amazing are these great similarities? I am going to try and participate in your challenges. There are so many great things happening and I struggle to accept that I can't do it all.