Tuesday, April 3, 2012


There are a few SARK cards that are about resources.  They state two for specific purposes related to the card.  I'm going to give some of my own for today...

Fooling around with coloured pencils and the kids!

1.  "Women Who Run With the Wolves"  by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D..  My husband (when we first met) sent this to me to read.  You can imagine I thought he was just too amazing for words.

2.  A quote by Bruce Lee:   "If you put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and life.  There are no limits. There are only plateaus and you must go beyond them."

3. "Daily Paintworks" this is a family run business of the Marine's.  The most important thing here for me to share is the "artbyte" page.  There you will find a FREE download if you register (for free) about Carol Marine's experience of becoming a daily painter.  Better than that - probably the best advice you've ever read.  Give your self a great big FREE present - go register and read it NOW.  Then come back so I can tell you why I missed a few posts last week.

WHY is Mr. Lee's quote standing out there like mad.  I happened to mention to my hubby that I felt I was on a plateau.  That I'm feeling like I'm not really making progress in my dream vocation.  I've realized there is only so much attention I can give to my priorities and I obviously have to many of them.  The conversation continued as my partner looked at me with increasing amusement.  He gave me much encouragement and reiterated that it was just that - a plateau.  Furthermore - moments later he recieved this quote from a friend on facebook.  You gotta love serrendipity.

If you happened on this entry - maybe you too are feeling as I am.  So the point is - THERE ARE NO LIMITS except those you put on yourself or accept from others.  Keep going forward anyway.

Now I want to explain my abscence.  Mostly because I like to know why other people miss posts.  You see....we went on holiday.  They always twist me around-but that's fine.  Change is good.  We had good internet reception however I don't know how to run internet from my phone to the laptop.  Further I don't know how to make links etc from my hubby's i-pad.  So I dropped a note to say so.

I was in the process of posting on Saturday - the day after our return - when POOF.  No internet connection at home.  For Earthday we were treated to no electricty (and no internet- and no finishing my holiday laundry fun).  Instead we made recycled plastic candle holders in preparation for a candlelit Earth Hour.  We had discussion about taking Earth Hour that little bit further.  Sunday I couldn't post because you might think it was all a joke!!  And also because I was painting and drawing, exploring and experimenting with colour and paint and lines.
My eldest son waiting his turn with the scissors.

A value study for Marks and Splashes course.
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