Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Progress

from Marvel Comics Scarlet for learning purposes only.
Above is the inked in black bits of my "smalls" for art class.  The term is over however I will still finish it for the learning of it.  I've really enjoyed experimenting with the acrylic inks and am looking forward to more of this.

This will be my watercolour version - below was my first sketch

For learning purposes only - from "THE WIZARD" written by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Brandon Dorman
The above pencil sketches (very light) are my preliminary work efforts to better take hold of children's book illustration.  The Wizard by Jack Prelutsky (Children's Poet Laureate) and illustrated by Brandon Dorman (Thank you Brandon for such amazing illustrations!).  Watercolours are not something I've worked much with neither gouache.  The amazing colours are enough to get me to try and Brandon's work is so inspiring.

I'm not sure what medium Brandon uses - the quick research I did gave me not a thing but maybe I can write to him and ask.  I love this books images because they use primarily greens and purples which made me think of Mark G. Mitchell's lesson about colour - the Queen and her court.  The book itself is perfect for Poetry Month as it's in verse.

I hope by next week to have both of these images painted in and maybe even finished.  These are high hopes.  Our fridge quit today, Easter weekend is here (in South Africa it's a serious affair of holidays and travel) and school starts again next week (year long school here - cool and not so cool).

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