Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SARK Tuesday

SARK: Courage to let loose the wonders inside. Our creative dreams expand brilliantly with this courage activated. Open your heart now to let loose the wonders inside you... MMInP: I drew this card today and immediately thought...Yeah Right. How many times does an artist let loose only to face a backlash of fear from others. Some folks recommend that you remember to let loose in safe company. This is a good idea. In some ways I think this is why so many of us blog. We know we have something to share... It's also a very good idea to remember those who have inspired you in your life journey. Remember how that person said or did something that gave you hope or even more? Well- what IF your courage to let loose your wonders were to inspire, give hope or other wonderful things to another person? What if it changed someone's life for the better just because you had the courage to let loose? What do you think the world might look like then? It's such a vulnerable place. Such a deeply human place. NOTE: this post is missing links and photos due to a failure in the hard drive of our computer. We are hoping for a full repair by next week -at which time this will be edited and linked!

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  1. Lovely. By inspiring ourselves we inspire others. i truly believe that.