Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SARK Tuesday: Call or Reach out for Good Things

Experiments in Natural Pigments - photograph from homeschooling. Melissa Mead 2012

SARK:  We are surrounded by such goodness, and in times of fear or resistance, we can rapidly forget that our creative dream life exists to keep us nourished with goodness.

MMinP:  I think the most important thing to remember in each and every moment is that we can choose to stay where we are with what we have or we can choose something else.  It's easy enough to say/write.

I get to practice the act of calling or reaching out for Good Things daily as I balance my ever changing array of hats (woman, wife, mother, artist....).  I find that when I reach out for something positive and supportive it makes everything so much clearer.  Often we reach for that which will allow us to continue the drama or fear or resistance - hanging onto the truth of the fear.   Is that REALLY true?  Really?  Have I really not worked hard enough, organized properly, practiced enough etc?  Really?

Think about it now and the next time you are in a state of fear or resistance.  When there seems no way forward.  Where do you reach?  Does that which you reach out for pull you forward or dance you around and leave you where you are breathless and not much further?

You can always reach for Planet SARK's "marvelous message boards" or go for a walk (with or without another person).  Or you can distract yourself with all manner of useless garbage - usually leaving you in the same spot.

Sometimes I reach for the dance but I'm getting much better at moving forward.  I often talk to a friend get out into nature or start writing.  Sometimes it takes all of that plus a bit more.    How do you reach out?

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