Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SARK TUESDAY: Procrastination

Completion of Winter Sports, (best in sport medals):  Photograph by Melissa Mead 2012

SARK:  Many of us use time to procrastinate instead of experiencing completion.  The favorite word of procrastination is "LATER".  Shift to saying "NOW" more often.

MMinP:  Well now I think it's important to look at the story behind the procrastination.  Is it because you are actually trying to get too much done and it's your subconscious saying...whoa - give me a break.  Is it fear of completing a task that will get you closer to the dreams you dream?

This is close to my heart because as a mother of young children I always felt that I wasn't getting anything done and when I did have a moment I'd be so dazed and dumbfounded that I'd waste that time.  Was I wasting it?  I actually needed the break.  Now that my kids are a little older (still quite young though) I have more moments of time for me.  I find many opportunities to procrastinate.  And I indulge often.  What I miss most at the end of the day/week is that feeling of completion.

Perhaps, procrastination is a signal to self that we need to think a little deeper about what's important to accomplish and also take seriously our need for time out.  Time out is a time to create dreams and allow the dust to settle from our endeavors.  Completion makes new roads to the destination of our dreams.

Procrastination is only a bad thing when it's a habit that we forget we can actually change.  Balance is everything.

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