Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sark Tuesday: Solo Adventures

SARK:  Solo adventures can awaken new creative dreams.  When we spend our time with ourselves doing something BRAND-NEW, it literally changes how our brains function.
S ucculent
O pen
L uscious
O ptions

Update: March 21, 2012: The above is my version of A.Modigliani's painting (for the sole purpose of  education - Please see below to learn more about Modigliani.

MMinP:  I laughed out loud at this card.  I laughed because for every week since I started SARK Tuesdays I have shuffled the deck with a focused intention for the answer to a specific query for going forward as a beginning artist.

I don’t do workshops generally.  They take time from my family - I like something deeper than the quick one-day experience and mostly I tend to shy away from new unknown experiences where I am flying solo.  This past weekend I took a Reverse Painting Class given by Paul Birchall. 
I had some really great experiences from the entire process of deciding to take the workshop to the actual point of my return home on the day.  I think the best part  worth sharing is the part where I realized I was TOTALLY confident in myself -through the entire process.  I rarely feel this way in general, so it was quite amazing.
This gave me such a shift in paradigm. I was actually able to clarify my idea for the 12x12 picture book draft challenge so that my March manuscript is now drafted.  Yipee!!
Please share your BRAND-NEW experiences here.  Look around you and take note - what spurs you to take a SOLO path?  What keeps you from taking part?
A bold experience is right here now !! - leave a comment ;-D

(The above painting is NFS - mixed media painted on plexiglass - Amedeo Modigliani.)


  1. I loved reading about your total confidence in self during this weekend painting class.

    I am actually constantly spurred to take a solo path. My whole adult life has been one of solo flying.... there are times I do it with utter confidence and others when I take off in fear, to embrace new horizons. I am right now on a journey with destination unknown and it is pretty scary!

    I hope you find the original artist. :)

    1. Hi Miss Marple! What a pleasure to have your visit. I would enjoying hearing about your current Journey of Unknown Destination.

      I am also feeling like I am also on a path of unknown destination. Will you be speaking of it on your blog or maybe sharing in the 12x12 group?