Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SARK Tuesday: Blaming

SARK: We can all find people or things to blame about why we're not spending more time with our creative dreams.  Blame is misdirected energy and a habitual fear reaction.

MMinP: This is an amazing card.  How often do we blame lack of time for not being able to accomplish more?  How often do you blame house cleaning or family needs from taking you away from your art.  How often do you blame your "real" job, lack of space, lack of money or anything else?

I find when I get really down I will blame just about anything and anyone.  I know the truth however.  I'm just afraid.  I'm afraid I can't create what's in my head.  Or maybe I'm afraid I can and I'll do it so well everyone will start expecting me to do it every time.???

The real truth is we often don't know what we are afraid of.  We really have everything to gain from creating art, writing a picture book, putting ideas out there.  I think a way to move out of this blame experience is to simply make a date with our creation supplies.  A true block of time like you would give to someone you adore.

I often experience resistance when I do this.  I spend the first part of my time settling in.  Getting a snack to make sure I won't be hungry.  A cup of tea or coffee.  A glass of water.  I set up all my stuff.  Cruise a few websites to "get me in the right space".  I know I'm "wasting time" and somehow this pushes me to the next space.  The space of getting to "play!".   Suddenly I'm on another plane of reality and all that exists is the creation at my hands.  I often find it disconcerting to have to leave this place and return to "the real world" when time is up.  I promise myself to make another date.  A good friend once gave me some great advice: "If you don't set a date and time then it won't ever happen."

Over time this beginning routine will decrease in length and the amount of creation time would increase.  This would also lead to less blame - because if you are making that daily date creation is happening!!

What is keeping you from spending more time on your creative dreams?

What can you do to assist yourself to make that date?

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