Thursday, March 22, 2012

Away for holiday

My post for today is sadly going to have to wait. I was blessed with a few extra hours of class time this morning which means that everything else was put aside. In the rush to leave for our holiday I managed to leave something behind. I left our main course, the machine to blow up the inflatable mattress and my drawing progress (from this mornings) for this post! I also left other mundane things but nothing crucial. We have all the kids, our toothbrushes, bikes, books, my sketching supplies.. I will post again before April to be sure but at this point -family is primary for the next week. See you again soon....


  1. Enjoy yourself and relax! I've also got two weeks of holidays coming up so I have to be patient and do my art when I can. Have loads of fun and just enjoy your family, and I'm going to take some of my own advice! :D