Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Big Wave

First...I would like to thank the new folks visiting my blog and those of you who are interested in following this exploratory blog.  The crits from blogfest are really helping me to crystalize the vision I have for this little blog.  

Now...about that WAVE -

"And the wave came crashing down like this!"

Well it is very much like that.  Last year I put several plans into motion.  The first was taking a more active roll in getting my kids OUT for homeschooling in the real world.  So I'm the parent with the first month outing to plan and the first parent evening to plan.  That is all happening in the next 4 days now.  YIKES it's like a huge wave has been building and now the crashing onto the beach to leave behind the hidden jewels of flotsam and jetsam.

The stress (a good kind still) has left me unable to draw properly.  It's good to learn what the boundaries are for future professional planning.  The best is that I will be finished and won't have anymore for the rest of the year - except that one I pushed off for March...( :-).

On the super do the goofy jig side of life - I will start my art course on Monday!  There will HAVE to be something to show by Thursday.  Also I have a second chance to get a layout done for my Marks and Splashes as the meeting somehow failed this week.  I'm taking that as a positive thing.

Look out for me again on Tuesday for the first SARK card draw!

What insights did you find in January that are going to make your February even better?
Mine are:  Don't take on too much little stuff.  Keep your pencil on the paper!


  1. Just be satisfied with what gets done in a day, trusting that it is enough.

  2. Thank you Julie - you are right. Today we are doing as close to nothing as possible for four hours - learning to just be.