Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SARK Tuesday

Each Tuesday I am going to play the SARK CREATIVE DREAM GAME.  I will randomly draw a card and share a portion of the card and my thoughts with you.  I hope this will assist us both to move our creative dreams to fruition!  You can get your own game HERE .

Inspiration:  You and your creative dreams are nourished by inspiration.  To inspire is to give breath.

Not so very long ago I was not breathing.  I was not allowing myself the space to create - to be filled with inspire-ation!  What I realized was that those things the inspired me the most (painting/creating) I was actually holding OUT.  I had actually exhaled and was not inspiring.

I took action - I enrolled in a part-time fine art program,  I enrolled in Make Your Marks, Make Your Splashes (How To Be A Children's Book Illustrator ), I took  the 12x12 in '12 challenge (thank you Julie Hedlund – Write Up My Life ) and I've further joined the picture book dummy challenge (#kidlitart: #PBDummy is back! ).

I was so inspired I began inspiring my family again.  My husband, my children and even my friends.  My son wrote a story inspired by an event at his school!  Each day I am inspiring myself to not only dream big but find the WILL for the WAY, because if you don't have the will you won't find the way.

Are you breathing?

In what ways do you inspire?

In what ways does your daily life allow you to breath?

What is inspiring you?

Please stop and share your ideas.  If you'd like more creative inspiration please visit Planet Sark at Creative Inspiration  Even check out CREATORmakers


  1. I remember when I was doing my Art AS, everybody telling me what to do, when to do it and how just made me really frustrated. I couldn't enjoy my own work because I couldn't breathe around it. When I finished the AS I didn't do much art for a while, and then, suddenly, it all came back. Suddenly I had inspiration. I think that sometimes it goes in waves. Time where I have the space in my mind to allow myself to imagine, and time when I can't.

    I'm glad you've got it back now!


  2. This is a great reminder that all things ebb and flow in waves. The rhythm of life. Beautiful Kate - thank you for the inspiration!

  3. My dreams and the feeling that this is going to be a GREAT year are inspire-ing me, causing me to breathe deeply of this whole experience.

    So great to meet another SARK person! Isn't she cool?

  4. Hi Beth! I too believe this is going to be a GREAT year. I'm so excited I will have to pace myself so I can make it to the end. Thank you for sharing your inspirations.

    I do love SARK - I pulled a card yesterday just to give myself direction. The card said:

    Exactly what I needed to do. :-)