Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zombie Thursday

Doesn't that sound  Actually my two youngest children have been ill and we have not had much sleep.  I missed a class and am now even further behind than I already felt.  Andrew says I must just have fun!  Yeah - ok.  It is great and I do love it but it's a strong push to keep up.  I am a mother first - but my artist has waited so long!

Here is what I've managed so far from our new project for a page layout from Scarlet (I'm struggling to find the exact link for this exact series so I am giving links to get you at least some of the material.  Alex Maleev and Michael Bendis are the original creators)

This is my first try at Officer Guzman

This is my first attempt at scarlet up close and personal - the rough below is the second cell on a 6 cell page.
Please excuse my less than stelar photos - It's the best for what I've got at the moment.  Maybe by next week I can have some character roughs for my picture book idea too.  I am hopeful at least.


  1. I think you are doing an awesome job on all counts, my love!! Don't be so hard on yourself, have fun!!!!
    I love you
    L xxx

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Love! Being hard on me is hard wired but you are changing the circuits slowly over time. Love you xxxM

  3. I like your drawings! Also I want to award you with the Libster blog award. Follow the link to find out more.