Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today's SARK GAME Card snippet:

What excites or inspires you about living more of your creative dreams?  Are you hiding for some reason?

Make a list of [people who are living their creative dreams].

From me:  Do you have anyone in mind?

This makes me think of role models.  I don't really like to have a role model.  I find it makes me push to hard for a perfection that doesn't exist.  I know - it's good to strive.  My point is that we often live our lives under the illusion that our role models are or should be perfect.  They NEVER are.  They are real people.  I'm inspired by REAL people.

For me -SARK, Piet Grobler, Helga Pearson, Tanya Liebenberg, Julie Hedlund -  They start my list - it's a long list.  They make  me laugh, think, stretch and grow.  Also this little guy - you can see from his eyes that he asks WHY a whole lot.  AND he's excited about most anything in life.  (he's a bit tired here from some late night Christmas spoiling)

Now some of them you may know and some of them - well -they are my friends - you might not know them.  Those you know:  Piet and Julie - well they inspire me because of their amazing ability to move things forward and go beyond the expected.

My friends; they inspire me because I see them reaching for their dreams and I know some of their challenges make that a very interesting journey across the proverbial tight rope.

Who inspires you?  Could you see yourself having a similar impact on others?

(and of course - Happy Valentines Day - send yourself some roses!)


  1. Oh my goodness my heart literally stopped beating for a split second when I saw my name on this list. Do you have any idea how much that means to me? I am misty-eyed right now.

    For so long I've wanted to inspire people the way so many people have inspired me, and I am honored that I have done that in some small way for you.

    Now you've turned around and given it back to me. Amazing how it works, isn't it? :-)

  2. It's STUNNING Julie - you are really amazing and inspiring - following 1000 blogs actively. If I wore a hat I'd take it off to you! How you do that and family and work and all the other projects - so professionally and creatively. You are just gifted.