Tuesday, February 21, 2012


SARK Creative Dream Game Card face


One of the most inhibiting factors for creative dream living is how we think we need to do something well or perfectly to begin it.  

Give yourself permission to do something badly.  How badly could you do it?

From Me:  I think this is one of my more favorite cards in the game.  I am a recovering perfectionist.  I make my life (and my families life) really tough trying to be perfect.  This card reminds me to LET GO!  PLAY.  Having fun is OK!  Heck it's preferred.

One more thing...my beautiful husband phoned me one morning.  It had been a tough morning.  I was really getting a lesson in practicing patience.  Keeping my cool.  Thinking outside the box because my homeschooling plans were crashing worse than a freeway in the rain during rush hour.  After the usual how's it going - fine etc.  He said "I love you".  He meant more than that.  Then he said "Your doing a good job."

This tore off my perfection coat and allowed me to see that I was actually doing a good job.  I wouldn't really do a bad job, (on purpose) taking care of my children.  I was doing my VERY BEST.  I think we need to remember about our "very best".  It's a changing gauge based on experience.  When we first do our very best we usually need to do it again.  For instance in our first draft - the first expression of ideas etc.  Then we do it again and improve on our best - making a new "very best".

So - what are you going to allow your self to do badly?  I'm going to write my February Picture Book story and I'm going to finish my first "Scarlet" Art class project.  I will do it badly - and I will leave it alone.  


  1. I so love your SARK tuesdays. I haven't given myself permission to do something badly in a while. Maybe I'll go snowboarding one of these weekends instead of skiing. ;-)

    1. Thank you Julie for such a beautiful and positive comment. It did my hear good! Here's to some snowboarding this weekend if the weather is good.

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